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26 Things to Look for in an Accountant

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If you, like 76% of business owners, feel your accountant (or accounting firm) is failing you... then keep reading!

Dear Business Owner,

How can you be sure your accountant is not failing you?

Here is a simple test:

  • Does your accountant baffle you with jargon?
  • Even worse - he or she cannot explain 'what is going on' in plain English.
  • Do you dread the meetings with your accountant?
  • Do you feel your accountant does not provide value for money?
  • Do you put up with 'surprise' fees because you don't feel comfortable challenging it?
  • Your accountant hardly contacts you.
  • Your accountant is hard to contact.
  • Your accountant misses deadlines regularly.
  • Your accountant talks about being 'pro-active' but in reality he/she is anything but.
  • Your accountant tells you everything you already know.

If you said yes to even one of the above then this is what your accountant should be doing:

A true 'COMMERCIAL' accountant.

Just because they are an accountant it does not mean they truly understand the world of business. In fact many accountants are poor business owners. A true commercial accountant understands the levers behind the numbers. They know that the numbers are the results of the 'game' and not the game itself.

They have your interest as their prime focus.

They really want to help you grow your business. This means they are constantly adding value to your business by pro-actively working with you towards your business goals. They also support you with non-accounting related business issues as well.

They meet all deadlines.

Accountants are human and make mistakes. But a great accountant will take responsibility for  mistakes and make sure they are not repeated.

You get Decision Support.

You get true, cutting edge guidance and advice that moves your business towards your goals. Great accountants have expert skills to asses your ideas objectively (why should you listen to accountants who can’t even grow their own business?). They invest in their own growth (not just accountancy but all other business disciplines).

Your accountant (or accounting firm) is part of your growth team.

Just like having your own Financial Director. They are experts in looking at your business model and help that model produce the results you are looking for. Great accountants will continually provide superb – strategic  input.

Fund raising experts.

They know how to help your business proposal look attractive to the potential investor. It is more than preparing a business plan or cash flow forecast. As true commercial accountants they know what makes the potential investor tick.

Choosing the right accountant.

Hi, my name is Anthony Metcalf, senior partner at Anthony Russel Ltd, an Essex based Accounting firm. My team and I have been helping our clients successfully grow their businesses for nearly 20 years. Like in any profession, all accountants are not equal. Choosing an accountant is one of the important decisions you will ever make in your business life.

I want to help choose the RIGHT ACCOUNTANT FOR YOU.

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26 things to look for in an accountant

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